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Kamaria Laffrey

Living with Black Girl Magic, HIV, and chronic optimism; Kamaria Laffrey serves nationally as a speaker, an advocate, and Co-Executive Director for HIV policy reform with The SERO Project, and a spokesperson for treatment adherence & self-care campaign, Positively Fearless with Jansen.

Her local work extends to rural and underserved areas, as she serves on the Florida Dept. of Health Community HIV Advisory Group and is a member of the West Central Florida Ryan White Care Council. She also co-leads the Florida HIV Justice Coalition to modernize laws that criminalize Floridians for their HIV status.

In these roles, Kamaria believes that when she represents PLHIV, she is lifting Black women living with HIV, their presence is more visible, and their power cannot be denied. Since her diagnosis in 2003, Kamaria has worked to empower others to live beyond the residue of the societal and self-induced stigma of HIV, She boldly speaks of life beyond a diagnosis and is building a destiny as the founder of the community-based organization, emBOWERed Legacies.

A 2018 graduate of Positive Women’s Network - USA’s Policy Fellowship Program, Kamaria is looking forward to furthering her patient advocacy for gender, sexual health, and racial justice for People Living with HIV. She has shared her lived experiences in Women’s Health magazine, POZ magazine, Plus magazine, and various health blogs. Kamaria seeks to be a willing vessel of faith that guides individuals in her community toward embracing healing, giving inspiration, and living vicariously with HIV.

Kamaria Laffrey
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