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Sharon Stewart-DeCuir

Sharon Stewart DeCuir is currently employed as a patient navigator at Open Health Care Clinic located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She also works part-time contractually as the communication specialist for A Family Affair: Living Our Best Life in South Carolina. If you were to ask most people who know her what her superpower is, community mobilization would certainly be at the top of the list. Her career in advocacy for PLHIV spans nearly two decades.

Sharon’s passion is driven by the need to help others reach an undetectable status and live long and healthy lives. She has personally witnessed family, friends, and people in her community pass away unnecessarily due to the stigma associated with their diagnoses of HIV. As a result, she is committed to a lifetime of service and has tirelessly dedicated her life to the advancement of PLHIV and its social conditions.

Sharon brings to the world her humble spirit and wholesome heart in her advocacy. As recognition for her dedication, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the first BRAIDS Awards, where the community voted on individuals who have demonstrated service and commitment to working with the HIV/AIDS Community. Additionally, she received a Trailblazer Award from the State of Louisiana, Department of Health.

Her greatest reward, however, is when others she has helped mentor become the leaders they aspire to be by living life and fully acknowledging and embracing their status. For over ten years since its inception, she has been a member of PWN-USA. She was an original steering committee member. Later, she served as the very first Vice-Chair for the organization.

As a community organizer, she uses her voice to encourage all PLHIV to be more active in their HIV care with her primary focus being on women.

She is a proud Louisiana native and a true Saints fan. Sharon has six grandchildren that she loves and enjoys spending time with. She also spends her free time watching the Beverly Hillbillies and listening to Southern Soul Blues.

Sharon Stewart-DeCuir
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