• Jackie Tosto

Georgia Appeals Ruling the Blocked 6-Week Abortion Ban

Last month, a judge ruled that Georgia’s 6-week abortion ban, also known as the Heartbeat Bill, was an unconstitutional violation of women’s rights. The judge refused to leave any part of the ban in effect, including granting personhood to a fetus, which would give them the same legal rights as people after they are born. He cited Roe v. Wade, and ruled that this ban was a direct violation of the rights established in that case.

As expected, lawyers for the state of Georgia have decided to appeal this ruling to the 11th Circuit Courts. Governor Kemp had vowed to appeal this decision immediately after the case had been decided.

Although the ruling last month was a victory, we knew that this fight was not over. SisterLove stands by its belief and commitment to the reproductive justice and freedom of all women and people of reproductive capacity. This bill is an unconstitutional assault on reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy. All Georgians deserve access to quality health care, including access to abortion, and other reproductive health services.

We hope that the 11th Circuit Judges continue to uphold reproductive justice values that we fight for everyday and vote against the 6-week ban.

As of now, abortion is LEGAL in Georgia up to 20-weeks.

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