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Christopher Reed, JD

Christopher Reed, JD

Policy and Advocacy Program Manager

Christopher Reed joined SisterLove as its Policy and Advocacy Program (PAP) Manager in September 2022. A native of Atlanta, he has devoted his life to public health and public policy since he was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 16. Following his passion, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Georgia State University and law degree from Tulane University School of Law. He spent 18 years in the public and private sector before deciding to devote his life to health policy.

Christopher was appointed by the Governor and chaired the Georgia Council on Lupus Education and Awareness, a state funded research and development team devoted to improving the lives of lupus patients. He also worked and volunteered in several capacities at the Lupus Foundation of America, Georgia Chapter executing deliverables on numerous projects including a program to manage lupus in young adults which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched nationwide. As Advocacy Chair, he led campaigns on behalf of constituents. Christopher has spoken in front of national and international meetings of major pharmaceutical companies and Food and Drug Administration.

Christopher believes that collaboration is the key. He devised and recruited a coalition of professionals from multiple disciplines to share ideas, develop action plans, and carry out initiatives with one goal in mind-improve patient outcomes. He was a contributor for the American College of Rheumatology, the Lupus Research Alliance, and the University of Alabama on federally and privately funded projects to increase minority participation in clinical trials.

As PAP Manager, Christopher leads grassroots advocacy campaigns, builds issue-based coalitions, leads policy initiatives, and develops projects in the areas of reproductive justice, HIV/AIDS, Voter Engagement, and LGBTQ+. He has a desire to eradicate disease through equal access to education, unbiased healthcare systems, and a healthcare system that treats healthcare as a right and not a commodity

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