SisterLove, Inc. has been providing HLW since its founding in 1989 to African-American women and women of African descent in metro Atlanta, the state of Georgia and around the world

The Heatlhy Love Workshop’s (HLW) innovation and uniqueness lies in its grassroots origins, relaxed, hands-on style of delivery and the cultural sensitivity used in its design. It is a community-focused and community-responsive workshop that speaks to the realities of African-American women’s lives while also providing practical and innovative preventive strategies to help Black women face, and overcome, challenges posed by the AIDS epidemic.

The HLW is an intervention that makes ‘house calls;’ that is to say, SisterLove’s HLW facilitators typically go to locations requested by the participants and provide attendees with prevention information on their own turf. As a result, the workshops are often conducted in familiar and safe settings.  
Likewise, by engaging in such an interactive workshop on a personal level, participants are also more likely to better understand the threat of HIV/AIDS in the community as a disease that can also affect them on an individual level if preventive measures are not taken. Participants also personalize the safer sex message by assessing their own risk in various sexual situations. The facilitator ensures that women leave the workshop understanding the practical and daily applications of the information they receive through a fun and personalized presentation. 

In 2009, the HLW was evaluated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as an innovative group-level HIV prevention program.  The HLW was determined to be effective in: reducing risk-taking behaviors; reducing numbers of sexual partners; increasing condom use; and increasing testing with results among Black women.


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