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Dr. Natasha Crooks is conducting research that focuses on protecting Black girls. The purpose of this study is to create a validated measure (survey) to learn more about how their bodies develop and how to keep them safe. We are hoping to use this information to be utilized by nurses, school counselors, or in spaces that support Black girls' development in hopes to assess their level of protection and tailor programming to their needs. We are requesting Black girls between the ages of 9-18 to complete the survey. Participants will receive a $15 Amazon gift card for completing the survey!

Black Girl Magic Study

University of Illinois Chicago

The IT-PHITS project is a collaborative project between SisterLove and Emory University. It is a great opportunity for community leaders in Metro Atlanta to apply to be action team members who raise awareness about sexual health, HIV, and PrEP among women in their communities. HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is a medication taken to prevent getting HIV and is highly effective. 

What will you do?
Action team members will receive training on HIV-related public health topics, such as prevention strategies (e.g., PrEP, HIV testing). Action team members will lead community education meetings focused on sexual health and well-being topics for women in their communities.

What is the time commitment? 
Action team members will be asked to commit to 1 year of engagement with the project. You will be expected to plan and host 10 community events within the year.

What do you get?
As an Action Team member, you will be provided with a $1,000 annual honorarium that will be distributed quarterly for serving in this role. 

Action Team members must:
Live in one of the following counties: Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, or Gwinnett County
Have an interest in HIV prevention or women’s sexual and reproductive health
Be outgoing and connects easily with people
Be strongly motivated to make a positive impact in your community
Application deadline: Applications will close on February 15, 2023 and after submitting your application, you will be contacted for a brief phone/zoom call to help us get to know you better. Selected members will be notified on March 1, 2023. 

Use this link to fill out the application:

If you have any questions, please call or email Deja Er or Celeste Ellison at (404) 692-2749 or

IT-PHITS Call for Action Team Members

Emory University

The EMPOW-HER Project is for a health study for RTI International aimed to help African American women in the Southeast. It will take less than 5 minutes to find out if you might be eligible to take part in this study. You will be asked a few questions, including some on race and gender, and other information about your practice and sexual reproductive health (SRH) services. Your answers will be kept private and strictly confidential and you will not need to provide your name unless you later decide to be involved in the study.


RTI International

We are looking to see how to help make viral load monitoring for people living with HIV more accessible and something they can do within the comfort of their home.
The project is open to people of any HIV status
Your participation in the study would include coming to two in-person study visits, at our clinic in Decatur, where a phlebotomist will draw your blood. At each visit we would also provide you with a self-collection kit that you can use to collect your own blood in a private room in our clinic or in your own home.
These visits would be scheduled approximately two weeks apart from one another, and you would receive $50 for each sample that you provide. So, if you completed all four parts, the two blood draws and the two self-collections, you would receive $200.

Project Home-MaDE

PRISM Health at Emory University

Who's Eligible:
African American women living with HIV for at least 1 year
18 years or older
Willing to complete one 8-15 minutes online survey 

More About the Study:
This new study is geared to help psychologists, counselors, and therapists effectively support clients experiencing anxiety and depression due to living with HIV. 

This survey is part of the doctoral study for Lisa Connors, a Ph.D. student at Walden University.

Get Started:

HIV in Black Women Study

Lisa Connors, a Ph.D.; student at Walden University

We are inviting Black women to share their thoughts and opinions about societal and cultural values that impact sexual health and well-being.

Pleasure as Prevention Study

Northeastern University


Emory University

We would love to hear from you if you have experienced pregnancy whether you had a birth, a miscarriage, or an abortion! 

We are conducting a research study that involves a confidential, one-time telephone interview to explore your thoughts and feelings about pregnancy and parenthood when you found out you were pregnant. The interview will take about 30-45 minutes to complete and can be scheduled at your convenience. You will receive a gift card for your time.  

To be eligible, you must:  
-Be currently pregnant OR have been pregnant within the last year
-Be between the ages of 15-49  
-Speak English or Spanish fluently 

If you would like more information about the study or are interested in participating, please call: Flor Cameron at (412) 246-6934 

Nos encantaría saber de usted si ha tenido un embarazo ya sea que tuviera un Nacimiento, un aborto espontáneo, o un aborto
Estamos llevando a cabo un estudio de investigación que involucra una entrevista telefónica confidencial para explorar sus pensamientos y sentimientos sobre el embarazo y la paternidad al momento de enterarse que estaba embarazada. La entrevista tardará unos 30-45 minutos en completarse y se puede programar a su conveniencia. Recibirás una tarjeta regalo por su tiempo.  

Para ser elegible, debe: 
-Estar actualmente embarazada o haber estado embarazada en el último año 
-Estar entre las edades de 15-49 
-Hablar inglés o español con fluidez. Contacto Flor Cameron a (412) 246-6934

Pregnancy Acceptability Study

University of Pittsburgh

The goal is to understand and reduce the impact of chronic health conditions including heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders that affect people living with HIV. 

To participate you must be: 
- HIV negative age 30-70 
- HIV positive age 30 - 70.


Emory University

Our long-term research study seeks to learn more about factors related to different HIV and Reproductive Health Outcomes for persons born female between the ages of 18-45 years old HIV Positive or HIV Negative. The study will consist of multiple visits that include questionnaires , lab testing and other sample collection. You will be compensated at each study visit for your time.


Emory University

Do you want to help shape the future of women's sexual health?

Live in Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb or Gwinnett County? Join our study and you can get a $50 gift card!

The IT-PHITS Study is a collaboration between @EmoryUniversity and #SisterLoveinc to strengthen HIV prevention for women in Metro Atlanta.

We are currently conducting virtual one-on-one community interviews to have conversations with community leaders across Metro Atlanta about their awareness, experience, and knowledge of HIV prevention and PrEP for women.

IT-PHITS Project

Emory University

We are interested in learning about how traveling and relocating to the Atlanta area might
affect Black women’s risk for HIV. An important part of this is learning about how movement and
travel influence relationships and access HIV prevention and/or care.  This study aims to create a timeline of all the places that you’ve lived since birth, and what your social circle and support system looked like at the time. The goal of this research is develop programs to improve access to HIV resources for Black women.

She's Mobile Study


Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and Emory University are conducting the Mind, Body & Tech study to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black maternal mental health. If you're a Black woman, 18 to 45 years old, currently pregnant or recently had a baby, living in Metro Atlanta or a rural Georgia county you are eligible to participate in this study!

Mind, Body, & Tech Study

Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University & Emory University

The study is about new longer-acting PrEP products for HIV prevention that may be available soon. Participants are required to be over 18 and may be invited to complete a 25min online survey


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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