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Toschia Wade

Toschia Wade

Compliance & Operations Manager

Toschia is responsible for managing all SLI patients and client services, whether billable or non-billable, as a part of the Healthy Love Experience overall.

She will ensure that contract agreements with SLI are current and will enroll and keep SLI in insurance In-Network status. Among other pivotal responsibilities, Toschia will maintain and manage Medicaid, Medicare, Managed Care and will also handle all applications for SisterLove's licensing and credentials. Toschia will supervise and monitor all billing service activity for the organization and enforce HIPAA, other regulatory requirements, and coordinate internal audit services working alongside the finance department. She’ll also write and/or approve SLI SOPs.

Toschia brings over 15 years of Quality Improvement experience where she developed innovative process improvement systems for diverse environments, successfully analyzed critical business requirements by identifying gaps and deficiencies and presented opportunities to identify cost effective solutions. Toschia has served in numerous leadership roles during her career such as Operations Manager, Quality Training Speciality Lead, Quality Auditor, and Manager of Health Program Services.

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